TOP 9 Best Personal Trainer Apps in 2024

Best Personal Trainer Apps: Who has time or money for the gym these days? Getting in shape can be tough when you’re busy and ballin’ on a budget. But have no fear! Your mobile device can be your own personal trainer to get you looking and feeling great in no time.

In this post, we’ll review the 9 best personal trainer apps that will kick your butt into shape from the comfort of your living room. No fancy equipment required, just motivation and sweat. Let’s dive in!

Here Are Top 9 Best Personal Trainer Apps

  1. Daily Burn
  3. Nike Training Club
  4. Keelo
  5. Fitbod
  6. Runtastic by Adidas
  7. Alo Moves
  8. All Out Studio
  9. Freeletics

1. Daily Burn – Great For Beginners

daily burn best personal trainer apps
Daily burn best personal trainer apps

If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, Daily Burn is a fantastic app to help you slowly and safely build stamina over time. Jumping straight into hardcore workouts can actually be dangerous if your body isn’t conditioned for high intensity yet. Just ask my noodle arms and jelly belly!

The Daily Burn app offers beginner-friendly workout videos suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Classes are organized by duration, difficulty, and equipment needed (or not needed!). Some examples are:

  • Introduction to Exercise
  • Beginner Pilates
  • Yoga Basics

There’s even live classes every morning to help you feel connected and motivated by the online community. Accountability partners for the win!

The app allows you to track progress, set goals, log workouts, and more. And for just $14.95 per month, it’s an affordable way to get your first gains. Werk it!

2. Pliability – For The Crossfit Junkies

pliability best personal trainer apps
Daily Burn is now PLIABILITY best personal trainer apps

If you already love high intensity training like Crossfit, the Pliability app takes it to the next level by improving mobility and flexibility. The 20-minute mobility routines can be done on their own or used to supplement your regular training sessions.

Pliability is actually the official mobility sponsor of The CrossFit Games, Rogue Invitational, Wodapalooza, and USA Weightlifting. So you know those muscle rolls and stretches are legit!

With daily videos to improve athletic performance, range of motion, and recovery time, it’s perfect for the beast-mode junkies out there. Beast me, please! A subscription costs $13.95 per month and they also offer’s 7-days free trial.

3. Nike Training Club – Train With The Pros

nike training club best personal trainer apps
Nike training club best personal trainer apps

Of course Nike has a training app, and it definitely delivers. NTC provides personalized workout programs tailored to your fitness level and goals, with guidance from pro trainers.

Offerings span strength training, HIIT, yoga, running, nutrition – everything you need to hit your targets and optimize wellness. The premium version unlocks additional features for $14.99 per month, but the basic app is free. Just Do It!

4. Keelo – HIIT It Hard

keelo best personal trainer apps
Keelo best personal trainer apps

If intensity is your middle name, Keelo serves up plenty of HIIT with over 180 high-powered exercises to increase strength and endurance. The artificial intelligence provides daily recommended workouts based on your progress, with guidance on activities, weights, and difficulty level.

You can connect with coaching experts for free to get advice on modifications or other fitness questions. There’s also activity tracking, estimated calorie burn, and more. Download the app for free or access all features and coaching with a premium subscription, $12.99 per month or $93.99 annually. Let’s get savage!

5. Fitbod – AI-Powered Training Programs

fitbod best personal trainer apps
Fitbod best personal trainer apps

For those looking to level up their strength training game, Fitbod is like having a personalized coach in your pocket. The app’s proprietary algorithm designs custom workout plans targeting different muscle groups daily, with recommendations on sets, reps, and appropriate weights.

You can specify the equipment you have available at home so the AI can tailor programs accordingly. No guesswork required on structuring your own training! Fitbod won’t leave you hanging.

Download is free but pricing starts at $3.99 per month for Elite features like tracking and analytics. Let’s pump it up!

6. Runtastic By Adidas – Embrace The Run

runtastic by adidas best personal trainer apps
Runtastic by adidas best personal trainer apps

If pounding the pavement is your cardio jam, Runtastic will help you establish and stick to a running training regimen. There’s an audio coach for motivation when you want to walk instead of run, plus fun cheering features to keep you pumped. No slacking allowed!

The app uses GPS to accurately track distance and speed instead of relying on manual input. It can also detect when your shoes need replacement to prevent injury. For $19.99 per month you get access to training plans, routes, challenges, and more to embrace your inner runner one mile at a time. Just keep running!

7. Alo Moves – All The Yoga And More

alo moves best personal trainer apps
Alo moves best personal trainer apps

For zen seekers who love flowing on the mat, Alo Moves serves up unlimited yoga classes spanning vinyasa, restorative, core, and more. But that’s not all – there’s also mindfulness sessions as well as Pilates, HIIT, strength training, and additional fitness offerings.

Classes are organized by goal, difficulty level, flexibility focus, etc so you can always find an option suitable to your needs on any given day. Take your pick! There’s a 14 day free trial and then pricing is $20 per month or $169 annually afterwards. Now that’s a lot of namaste for your buck!

8. All Out Studio – Stream It All

all out studio best personal trainer apps
All out studio best personal trainer apps

If variety is key for you, All Out Studio delivers Pilates, kickboxing, strength training, barre, stretching, and more in one on-demand video platform for $8.99 per month. The workouts are divided into men’s and women’s health programs designed by goal.

You can do the training routines at the gym or home, as long as you have some basic equipment like weights and resistance bands. There’s also specialized plans for runners and yogis in the mix. And no need to commit, you can cancel anytime!

9. Freeletics – Equipment-Free Training

freeletics best personal trainer apps
Freeletics best personal trainer apps

Last but not least, Freeletics is here for the minimalists who want to get fit using nothing but bodyweight exercises and grit. It’s perfect for home workouts with zero equipment. Just roll out of bed and get your sweat on!

The app builds personalized workout and nutrition plans tailored to your goals. With a huge online community for motivation and accountability, Freeletics makes training solo feel like a group activity. The basic workout package is $34.99 per month.

Choose What’s Best For YOU

The most important factor in choosing a personal training app is finding one that matches your interests and fitness personality. Do you like high intensity or low impact activity? Yoga and stretching over strength training? Outrunning your thoughts or outlifting them?

Consider your budget, feature wishlist, desire for community support, and then try out some free trials to get a feel for the options. The right app for your buddy might not be the best fit for you. Find the one that keeps you engaged and pushing your limits in a way YOU enjoy!

And if apps aren’t your thing, there are plenty of free YouTube home workout videos out there too. Or borrow some weights from a friend and create your own routine!

At the end of the day, just keep moving however feels good for your body and spirit. The rest will come together. Now go get your sweat on!

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