What Are the Exercises And Discipline Needed to Build Muscle?

Exercises And Discipline Needed to Build Muscle: Namaste friends! I’m back with a new post to share my best muscle building advice after over 20 years of working out. Put down those whey protein shakes for a minute and get ready to take some notes!

I’ve tried all kinds of training schedules, diets, supplements, etc. These 6 tips are what I’ve found works best for getting jacked. Disclaimer: I’m not a professional bodybuilder or anything, just a regular gym bro who likes picking up heavy stuff.

Tip #1: Train in the Early Evening for Maximum Gains

I’ve gotten my best muscle building results from early evening workouts, around 4-6 pm. At that time of day, I have the most strength and energy compared to early morning. Makes sense because I’ve eaten plenty during the day to fuel my workout. The added bonus is that my testosterone levels are highest around early evening. More testosterone equals more gains, bro!

The only issue you night run into with evening training is having trouble sleeping if you take pre-workout supplements. So just watch your pre-workout dosage and timing. Sleep is critical for muscle recovery so don’t skimp on it!

Tip #2: Change Up Your Workout Schedule Regularly

If you always follow the exact same workout schedule, your body will adapt and progress will stall after about 4-6 weeks. Mix it up! Every month or two you should switch your training in some way to keep shocking your muscles. Here are some easy ways to shake up your routine:

  • Train muscle groups twice per week instead of once
  • Try different rep ranges like 4-6 reps instead of your usual 8-12
  • Add or reduce training days and rest days
  • Focus on different lifts than normal

Pay attention to when you get the best muscle building results and do more of that! But never stick to the same routine forever. Your muscles need to guess what you’re going to throw at them next, kinda like a game of tag at the gym. Shock and awe baby!

Tip #3: Eat BIG to Get BIG

If you wanna get huge, you gotta eat huge. That means having 6-8 high protein and carb meals spread throughout the day. I know it seems like a lot of food but there’s no way around it if you’re serious about gains.

Focus on getting enough good carbs like oats, rice, potatoes to fuel your workouts. And don’t neglect healthy fats either – nuts, olive oil, avocados, etc. As far as protein goes…well, you already know you need to be chugging shakes and eating chicken breasts 24/7. Duh!

Just remember, don’t dirty bulk on fast food and candy thinking its helping. Stick to nutritious whole foods 80% of the time and save the pizza for a cheat meal.

Tip #4: Don’t Neglect Recovery

You actually break down muscle tissue when you train hard. The real muscle building happens later during rest and recovery! Make sure you prioritize the following recovery strategies:

  • Get at least 8 hours sleep every night. Sleep is when your testosterone and growth hormone levels peak!
  • Get a sports massage once or twice per week if possible. If not, make sure to foam roll and stretch on your own. This will increase blood flow to your muscles.
  • Take one or two rest days in between workout days. Laze around, do leisurely cardio, just don’t tax your body very hard on rest days. Give those muscles a break!

Put effort into recovery and it will pay dividends in the gym. Think of rest days like depositing cash into the muscle gaining bank account.

Tip #5: Do Some Cardio Too!

Lots of wanna-be bodybuilders avoid cardio because they think it will impede muscle gains. I’m here to tell you light-moderate cardio is highly beneficial, even necessary for maximum muscle building!

Aim to do 20 minute low intensity cardio sessions 3-5 days per week. This can be brisk walking, easy cycling, etc. Keep your heart healthy so it can effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles! Cardio also has great benefits for focus, stress relief, appetite control, and sleep quality. In other words, it makes you a more disciplined muscle building machine.

Tip #6: Pick the Right Supplements

You don’t need 20 different workout supplements, despite what those jacked YouTube influencers tell you! Stick to the basics that are proven to enhance muscle growth when combined with proper training and nutrition:

  • Whey protein – Fast absorbing for post workout recovery
  • Creatine – One of the most researched strength and mass builders
  • Pre-workout – Gives you energy, strength, and focus to crush your workout

Take 5 grams of creatine and 20-30 grams of whey protein daily. Pre-workout you can play around with how much you need. And that’s it! No exotic jungle herbs or pills with names you can’t pronounce. Keep the supplement game simple.

There you have it friends, my best muscle building advice after two decades of getting SWOLE. Follow these 6 tips and I guarantee you’ll be well on your way to getting ripped! Let me know if you have any questions – until next time, NAMASTE!

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