The Powerful Benefits of Meditation and Strength Training

benefits of meditation and strength training

If you’re looking to transform both mind and body, you can’t go past a combination of meditation and strength training. That may sound a little hippie-dippy, but bear with me! Together, these practices hit both the physical and mental realms for health benefits you can really feel—not to mention that elusive mind-muscle connection sought after …

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What Foods Speed Up Female Metabolism?

foods speed up female metabolism

Do you ever feel like your metabolism is slower than a snail stuck in molasses? As we age, it’s common for our metabolisms to put on the brakes, leading to more extra padding than we’d like around the midsection. But have no fear – there are plenty of delicious foods you can eat to give …

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TOP 9 Best Personal Trainer Apps in 2024

best personal trainer apps

Best Personal Trainer Apps: Who has time or money for the gym these days? Getting in shape can be tough when you’re busy and ballin’ on a budget. But have no fear! Your mobile device can be your own personal trainer to get you looking and feeling great in no time. In this post, we’ll …

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What Are the Latest Trends in Fitness 2024?

latest trends in fitness

Top 10 Trends In Fitness in 2024: The fitness world is always changing and 2024 is shaping up to bring some exciting new workout styles and technology. Let me grab my leg warmers and headband- it’s time to break into some trends that will take your exercise routine to the next level! From virtual reality …

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