What Are the Latest Trends in Fitness 2024?

Top 10 Trends In Fitness in 2024: The fitness world is always changing and 2024 is shaping up to bring some exciting new workout styles and technology. Let me grab my leg warmers and headband- it’s time to break into some trends that will take your exercise routine to the next level! From virtual reality to outdoor adventures, there’s something for every type of fitness fanatic this year 2024.

These are the Top 10 Fitness Trends in 2024

#1 Group Exercise

Group hug everyone! Coming in at our number one spot is the tried and true group workout. Whether you’re taking a yoga class or spinning with friends, working out in a group brings an energy and comradery that’s hard to replicate solo.

Instructors will push you out of your comfort zone while your workout buddies help hold you accountable. We’re all in this together people! Class passes are an affordable way to switch up your routine and challenge yourself with new workouts in a supportive environment. Namaste y’all!

#2 Personal Training

Hiring a personal trainer may be the best investment you make this year. At number two, personal training provides focused guidance from experts who design programs specifically for your fitness level and goals.

They consider your strengths, weaknesses, injuries, and limitations to help you achieve results safely and efficiently. No more aimless wandering around the gym wondering “what now?” Let the pros give your workout purpose!

#3 Outdoor Activities

During quarantine, many people found solace in getting outside for some socially-distanced exercise. Hiking, walking, and just appreciating nature became a welcome escape.

In 2024, outdoor activities hold the number three fitness spot for offering both mental and physical boosts. Pretty forest views make hitting the trails more enjoyable than stareing at gym wallpaper. And nothing beats some fresh air!

#4Weight Loss Exercises

As pandemic pounds linger for many, weight loss remains a top priority going into 2024. Our number four fitness trend combines revving up calories burned with traditional weight lifting moves.

Hoisting heavy weights torches body fat while also building strength and confidence. Feel those endorphins, woohoo! Losing extra cushion and upping your metabolism provides health benefits way beyond just looks. Plus, nothing beats that “new me” feeling as the numbers drop on the scale!

#5 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Let’s pump it louder! We’re cranking the tempo to max with some High Intensity Interval Training! HIIT skyrocketed in popularity for its ability to torch calories and strengthen both muscles and mental grit.

By alternating intense bursts of effort with short recovery periods, HIIT taps into all your energy systems for max results. Are you ready to feel the buurn??? Dig deep and push past your limits during challenging intervals knowing you get to rest later. HIIT transforms your body AND mindset by learning to push through discomfort to reach your goals.

#6 Bodyweight for Some Resistance

In our number six spot we have bodyweight training – working out using just your own body to provide resistance. Things like planks, lunges, and squats utilize your weight against gravity to build strength.

What makes it so popular? No equipment required! Grab your best spandex and let’s get creative! Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. Stay fit on trips, sneak in a quickie at home between meetings, or take it outdoors for some fresh scenery. Simply adjust movements and number of reps to fit your current fitness level and goals.

#7 Head to Toe

Today’s work from home culture contributes to poor posture for many desk dwellers out there. Our number seven 2024 fitness trend counteracts this by targeting exercises that realign the spine and open up the hips.

Bad posture doesn’t just look sloppy – it contributes to back and neck pain that makes exercise difficult. Follow specific movements that strengthen your core and loosen tightness caused from sitting all day. You’ll stand taller, gain flexibility, and relief achy muscles from head to toe! Lookin’ good!

#8 Strength Training

Here we go getting our pump on with some old school strength training! Coming in at number eight for 2024 is resistance training using weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells.

Properly executing lifts not only builds strong muscles, it also prevents injury and achieves better results. Focus on good form and changing up your repetition ranges to work towards goals like more defined arms, a bigger booty, or six-pack abs! Let’s get these gains, people!

#9 Wearable Tech

Wearable tech dominates our number nine fitness trend for 2024. Devices like Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Oura Rings make conveniently tracking health stats down to your heart rhythms effortless.

Smart watches monitor everything from daily steps to sleep patterns right from your wrist. For the data lovers out there, all these metrics can positively reinforce good habits that enhance your overall wellbeing. I can see my resting heart rate decreasing already!

#10 Virtual Reality Workouts!

The future is here people! Coming in hot at our number ten spot is virtual reality workouts. Strapping on a headset immerses you into digitally created worlds where your exercise movements control the action.

Slash through flying fruit in Supernatural boxing sessions, climb towering mountains with The Climb app, or dance your cardio away slicing through vibrant ribbons in Audio Trip. As both the tech and graphics improve, VR workouts make burning calories way more fun!


We covered a lot of ground detailing the top 10 upcoming fitness trends for 2024. From returning to gyms with friends to venturing into virtual worlds, there are options to match any interest and fitness level.

Now drop down and give me 20 squats people! What trends are you most excited to try this year? Let me know in the comments!

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