What Are the Top 5 Unhealthiest Foods in the World? 2024

We all know that certain foods are better for our health than others. But some items truly stand out with their insane amounts of calories, fat, sugar and sodium.

If you’re looking to clean up your diet, avoiding these top 5 unhealthiest foods is a great place to start. Your body and taste buds will thank you!

Top 5 Unhealthiest Foods

  1. Deep Fried Oreos
  2. Movie Theater Popcorn with Butter
  3. Frozen Pizza
  4. Fast Food Burgers
  5. Surprisingly Unhealthy: Bran Muffins

#1: Deep Fried Oreos

Imagine your favorite childhood cookie, dipped in batter and fried in a vat of oil. Sounds like a delicious heart attack waiting to happen, doesn’t it?

Well that’s exactly what deep fried Oreos are. These sugary cookies provide no nutritional value on their own. Once fried, they become calorie and fat-laden gut bombs. A typical order packs over 600 calories and 30 grams of fat. Yikes!

We totally understand the guilty pleasure aspect of fried Oreos. But moderation is key when indulging. Maybe split a small order with friends instead of taking one down solo. Your body (and belly!) will appreciate limiting such decadent treats.

# 2: Movie Theater Popcorn with Butter

Going to the movies just isn’t the same without that giant tub of deliciously salty, buttery popcorn. It’s basically its own essential food group at this point.

We get the appeal, but traditional popcorn is sneaky unhealthy. A medium bucket without butter still packs over 500 calories. Add on that liquid gold movie theater “butter” (which is basically just oil and artificial flavors), and you could be looking at over 1,200 calories for the entire tub!

Pro tip: Opt for the snack size, skip the butter and sprinkle on some red pepper flakes for flavor instead.

#3: Frozen Pizza

After a long stressful day, few things sound tastier than a frozen pizza you can just pop in the oven. They’re affordable, convenient and satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

However, convenience comes at a price when it comes to frozen pizzas. An average frozen cheese pizza can pack over 400 calories per slice! They’re also often loaded with sodium, artificial flavors and unhealthy fats that wreak havoc on your health long term.

We recommend switching to a homemade pizza instead. Load it up with veggies instead of greasy meats for a lighter, more nutritious choice.

#4: Fast Food Burgers

When you’re slammed for time and need to grab something on the run, a nice juicy burger seems like the perfect quick fix. Fast food joints try hard to make those burger pics look as appealing as possible…and for the most part, they succeed!

Here’s the reality though – the average fast food burger clocks in between 500-800 calories or more. They get their flavor from generous slathers of fatty mayo and calorie-laden tropical oil-based sauces. And that’s all before any high-carb sugary soda pairing!

Do your health a solid and only indulge the fast food burger craze occasionally. Opt for lighter sandwiches with lots of veggie fixings instead whenever possible.

#5 Surprisingly Unhealthy: Bran Muffins

Here’s a health food imposter if we ever saw one! Beloved bran muffins actually pack in the calories, fat and sugar. You’d honestly get more nutrition from having a cookie or brownie. Say what?!

It comes down to sneaky labeling tricks. Food brands want to profit off the health halo of bran and whole grains. But most bran muffins only contain minimal bran. The first few ingredients are almost always refined flour, sugar and vegetable oil instead.

These are the culprits that add in all those excess calories and fat grams. Oatmeal raisin bran muffins from popular chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts can easily exceed 400+ calories and 15+ grams of fat per muffin! Not so healthy after all.

Your best bet is to find an actual legit bakery making high-fiber bran muffins with minimal added sugar and vegetable oils. Or better yet – just eat some oatmeal!


We don’t mean to demonize your favorite grub. It’s totally realistic (and important!) to incorporate occasional treats into an healthy lifestyle. But balance and portion control are key.

Hopefully knowing nutrition stats on popular indulgent eats gives you a better awareness of what’s going into your body on the regular. Limit the worst offenders as much as possible by choosing healthier everyday staples instead.

Your waistline and insides will feel a whole lot happier! Here’s to cleaner eating for improved energy, health and vitality all around. Now pass that kale salad!

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